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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Speech?

Well, we've done it. Congrats America. We've finally marginalized that which we, as a nation, hold most dear; freedom of speech.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the recent happenings at University of Missouri. Students in colleges all over the nation have felt it's effects.

I believe these students had every right to voice their opinions and further their crusade for campus-wide racial sensitivity. The community event seemed very supportive of their cause as President Wolfe did in fact resign from office, much to the pleasure of the protestors and the relief of the University's avid football fans.

They saw something they weren't happy with and exercised their 1st amendment right to try and fix it. Screw streets paved with gold, that's the real American dream!

Too bad for Emily Faz at Georgia Southern University then, because she apparently didn't get the memo that the 1st amendment doesn't apply to her.

Faz voiced her support for the all lives matter campaign, questioning the tactics used by black lives matter protestors. Soon after, hateful messages and threats flooded her social media, her phone number was posted online, she was fired from her job and almost dismissed from the college.

(The blacked-out part was her phone number)
These people protested their century-long marginalization by marginalizing someone else. Way to go you guys. And on behalf of caucasians everywhere, welcome to the dark side.

It wasn't so long ago that you black lives matter supporters were treated like your opinion doesn't matter. Apparently two wrongs don't make a right.

Here's a tip, try fighting fire with something other than fire.

Even if you don't believe in "all lives matter" that doesn't mean those who do are wrong. It means they have a different opinion. Remember elementary school? Giving your opinion means there is no right answer. Now, there are some opinions that are regarded as "socially unacceptable" (thanks Hitler), but that still doesn't mean they're wrong. Unless go completely 1984 and start telling people, "You're thinking wrong. This is what you're supposed to think,"everyone will be entitled to their own opinion. Sometimes that opinion is that all lives matter.

Friday, November 6, 2015

BLM Riots and Politics

This video shows the horrible turn a peaceful movement has taken as its over zealous followers transition its mission for many people from anti-police brutality to anti-police. Many people are speaking out against those who participate in the riots, giving all members of the movement a bad rep. As more and more deaths hit the news, the deceased become martyrs to "the cause" and movements get more and more out of control.

I was perusing the Internet, trying to find something new other than the basic, straightforward, really freaking obvious truths that I keep reiterating in all of my posts, when I found the article that put my opinions in one place. Now, I doubt most of you will actually read it (I know, I'd rather be watching Spongebob than staring at this too) so I'll give you the highlights.
Incanting “Black Lives Matter” rather than “All Lives Matter” hardly constitutes advocating “racial justice,” in my view. 
 These genuflections ask very little of the (white) politicians or their (white) voters.
It also states that Jim Crow laws and segregation are perfect examples of racial injustice and a change is both needed and deserved.
But reversing the effects of this historical racial depredation — that is, healing the broken bodies and minds of its victims — is something that cannot be achieved in isolation from the broader political program of establishing a just social order for all Americans.
This is why I say that, though I support "black lives matter", I believe that the name has caused more political tension than already existed.

 #AllLivesMatter because there's already enough polarization in the country and we don't need more. Maybe if everyone else believed that they all matter, the "black lives matter" members wouldn't blame and target cops.

Do black lives matter? Or do all lives matter?

I don't know about you guys, but I think this question is bullshit.

I propose a new movement.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bad Reputation

Trump's response to "black lives matter" is the epitome of why so many people hate "all lives" supporters. Unfortunately the name has been taken over by white supremacists more than true Americans.

People openly opposing the "black lives matter" campaign are wrong too.

Opposing :black lives matter" is opposing a part of the "all" in "all lives matter. Let me make something very clear, I am not opposed to "black lives matter", just the hypocrisy involved. This movement is trying to let racists know blacks are just as important as everyone else. Black lives matter activists argue that this does not mean that black lives are more important that anyone else's. Why then is the name not "all lives matter", as they're trying to gain equality across the board too?

Let's talk semantics. I have a quick little quiz for you.

What does the word "all" mean?

a) All except one

b) Only one

d) Whatever Trump says, I believe

If you chose c, you're right. (If you chose d, please get help)

We need to change the way people think about "all lives matter" because, frankly,  though racism is a very American tradition, it directly conflicts with the very core of our society; all men are created equal.

Democrat Booed for Supporting Democracy

This embarrassing display at an interview of a presidential candidate emphasizes the outrage the public feels towards "all lives matter" believers. Afterwards the commentator said her best advice to candidates would be to "figure out what's going on."

Her statement's purpose was to open the candidates' eyes to the tragedies happening in the black community, but I think she could have given better advice. It's their JOB to know what's going on in the country. Their platforms aren't from lack of information, but opinions based on their values. 

My advice to candidates who are pro "all lives matter" is: 
Reeducate the public on the meaning of the word democracy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Redefine All Lives Matter

The main arguments against the phrase "all lives matter" are that it ignores the specific problems effecting the black community that are not as prevalent in other ethnic groups, and pardons those accused and or convicted of discriminatory actions. 

True, these connotations make a compelling argument against "all lives matter" which is why we need to redefine it for everyone who's thought processes are constricted by media and politicians:

ALL lives matter.

No political agenda.

No entitlement.

The end.

If this is a universal, democratic, first-world belief then why is it even a movement?

"All lives matter" is the basic concept of America and everything it stands for, so why is the phrase being used negatively?

America needs to dry its tears, mop up the spilled milk, and figure out how to prevent future spills.